Old Bradfordians are invited to send birthday wishes

On 1 May 2019 Courtenay Lloyd will turn 100 and Old Bradfordians are invited to post cards to him via BGS.

Mr Lloyd taught French, German and Russian from 1964 until he retired in 1984. He was a ‘special sort of teacher’ affectionately known as Clarence to his pupils. Many remember him with great fondness and continue to write to him and connect via Masha’s blog.

He remained in Bradford after his retirement and then moved to Spain to live with his daughter Masha and her family in 2004. Read his full biography.

The BGS community sends warmest wishes to a teacher whose reputation is legendary – please send your cards to arrive by Monday 8 April to:

Mr C. C. Lloyd
c/o Bradford Grammar School
Keighley Road

“Masha has noted that hearing about her father’s teaching style was quite revelatory, as he was always so quiet at home! ‘I would never have known this side of him without the Old Boys. He comes across as ‘very eccentric’ in their accounts, but was very shy and quiet outside of the classroom.'”

Masha Lloyd, Daughter


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