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“People certainly identify something in the maturity and way students develop. Whatever students do at BGS it’s all about opportunity and willing from both staff and students alike to continuously celebrate success. The children come out feeling great and happy – which for me is what it’s all about.”

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theresa keating

Why did you choose Bradford Grammar School (BGS) Sixth Form for your children?

“I chose BGS mainly because of the excellent academic results and very broad curriculum.

I don’t think you’d find any other school in Bradford with such a broad range of subjects and extra-curricular activities that BGS cover. Also for its work ethic and discipline. It came very highly recommended by other parents at the School.

What do your children most enjoy about BGS?

“Nick has made such good friends and they have solid relationships.

I think this is very important because essentially a happy child will work well. Both Nick and Jake have really enjoyed the camaraderie of being part of a rowing crew and the challenge they face when entering national competitions.

They’ve both been thoroughly involved in music and performance and BGS have been instrumental in encouraging them to participate in a variety of musical groups as well as musical theatre. This year they each have a role in ‘Grease’. They’ve always looked forward to performing in the end of year concert and music in the Hockney Theatre.

What do you think BGS offers that other schools don’t?

“The first thing that springs to mind is a quote by Aristotle ‘the worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.

With reference to education, BGS really aims to fulfil the potential of every child academic or otherwise. At BGS the opportunities are so varied and there is something for everyone.

As well as the huge and broad range of academic subjects that students can access, they participate in Music, Drama, Sport or even the Debating Society. What is special about BGS is they are brilliant at recognising potential and enabling their students to have a go at new things and to aim high. The School is particularly good at instilling confidence and at celebrating all the unique talents that the students have.

For example, my son Nick has now taken on four science subjects and I just don’t feel that he would have had a go, had he been at another school. He’s also been very successful in GCSEs and I feel that BGS is constantly pushing children to really achieve their full potential. It has a fantastic work ethic.

Both my boys, Nick and Jake, absolutely love rowing and all the opportunities that this activity brings including the many trips—the latest being Holland. The relationships the students build when they do these sporting activities are invaluable. My son Jake still gets emails from the doctor that looked after the squad. It goes to show the extent to which teachers and support staff at BGS look after the students. It’s very meaningful—which means a lot to my boys, and me.

How would you describe the opportunities BGS has to offer to another parent?

“First of all the discipline is exemplary and really, this is key for any school.

I think with some other schools there can be a low level of disruption in classes that gets in the way of effective learning. At BGS Sixth Form they have smaller, more intimate classes alongside great discipline and when problems arise, they’re dealt with quickly and effectively. This really encourages a positive work ethic with all the students.

But although they’re well-disciplined, the onus is also on them to be responsible and mature – so the School really encourages independent thinking and learning. The staff at BGS really go that extra mile to forge good working relationships with their students and are extremely dedicated and hardworking. In return the students have a lot of respect for them. The same can be said of supportive parents as well who are involved in a huge range of out of school activities and fundraising.

What’s also lovely is the students encourage each other and are very supportive of one another. Nick will speak to his friends to get support in work he may have missed or need help with. BGS also has Nurses on hand for any child who might be in need of some health advice or a friendly chat if they are feeling stressed. They are extremely caring.

Is there anything else that you think sets BGS apart?

“There have been many guest speakers, some being former pupils who have given very inspirational talks.

Whether it be about living with a disability and the associated challenges, or the philanthropist who discussed his work and the importance of charitable deeds, it’s wonderful when your children have been moved and inspired enough to share with you the knowledge they’ve gained.

BGS frequently put on Career Lunches. The opportunity to network with people representing the various industries has been invaluable.

People certainly identify something in the maturity and way students develop compared to other schools. There’s so much more to it than just the academic side. Whatever students do at BGS it’s all about opportunity and willingness from both staff and students alike to continuously celebrate success. The children come out feeling great and happy – which for me is what it’s all about.

“The children come out feeling great and happy – which for me is what it’s all about.”


Theresa Keating

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