Uniform and Kit

It is important that students in the Sixth Form dress appropriately to maintain the standards that we expect of all members of the School.  Pupils will be advised if their dress is inappropriate.

  • All members of the Sixth Form must wear the BGS Sixth Form suit.  This must be purchased from the official School suppliers, Perry Uniform.*
    [Female students may wear trousers if they have had written permission from the Headmaster to do so on religious grounds.]
  • All male students must wear a school tie (either the burgundy school tie* or a colours tie if they have been awarded one).
  • Footwear: students should wear smart, dark coloured shoes.
  • Shirt:  all students must wear a smart shirt/blouse, with a collar, in a colour of their choosing.
  • Sixth Form students should not wear coats, scarves, gloves or hats in school.
  • Jumpers may be worn but must be smart, and thin enough to fit neatly under a jacket. Male students must not wear crew-neck jumpers which cover their tie. Smart waistcoats may be worn.
  • Excessive use of make-up and jewellery is not allowed.  If earrings are worn they must be discreet and worn in the ear lobes only.  No other piercings are allowed.
  • Hairstyles should be smart and sensible.  Male students should be clean-shaven or have a neat, trimmed beard.
  • The decision as to whether a student is appropriately dressed rests with the Head of Year or the Pastoral Director.

Other clothing
All Sixth Form students are expected to wear suitable sports clothing.  If you are asked to represent the School, the teacher in charge will advise you of the items of sportswear required. The official School supplier for BGS sports kit is Tacklebag ( Pupils studying Chemistry will need a laboratory coat and those studying Design and Technology need an apron for classes in the workshops.

School Suppliers
All items of school clothing marked with an asterisk (*) must be purchased from the BGS official suppliers: