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Manningham regeneration: Question time

By Sally Bertrand (Year 12) In Year 12 Geography we have recently been studying two contrasting places...

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  • 05 JUN 2017

    Years 9 and 10 Examinations Our Years 9 and 10 pupils will be busy undertaking... More Details

  • 22 JUN 2017

    Information Session for current parents Current parents are invited to an information session with Dr... More Details

“We have a forward thinking approach, whilst retaining the best of the traditional grammar school ethos.  We are proud of our success in equipping pupils for life in a diverse and changing society.”

Simon Hinchliffe, Headmaster

Welcome From The Headmaster

“Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important things a parent does. Such choices are made with both head and heart, and at BGS we want to help you to make the right decision. I genuinely believe in the power of an inspiring and well-rounded education to build character and fundamentally change lives for the better.

If we get it right, and Bradford Grammar School does, education will kindle an intellectual and emotional response from pupils, encourage insight and curiosity, and provide the tools to make a valuable contribution to society.

BGS does all these things as part of its daily routine providing an education that enriches mind, body and spirit. Walk through the magnificent Price Hall and into the modern Clarkson Library and it would be hard not to get an instant feel for the blend of the traditional and the innovative that BGS achieves for its pupils and which is immediately identifiable with us.

We are defined by our rich heritage and forward-looking approach. Outstanding GCSE and A Level success is available to all pupils at BGS by virtue of the inspirational teaching and learning that adds value to every student. Learning at BGS is engaging, active and fun.

Value, however, is added in more ways than one and we care deeply about nurturing the whole child and provide a wealth of popular co-curricular opportunities. Essentially, BGS is an aspirational but caring school that knows what it is about. Pupils are respected as individuals by their teachers and pastoral care is a priority.

Ultimately, our pupils are busy and excel at what they do because they are happy, supported and part of a community with shared goals and ambitions.”

Simon Hinchliffe, Headmaster, Senior School