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Independent learning

In the Sixth Form we prepare our students not only for public examinations, but also for the transition to learning in higher education. Independent learning is an important aspect of life in the Sixth Form. We provide study periods when pupils can use the school's excellent library, ICT resources, and private study facilities. In addition to AS levels and A levels there is a non-examinable General Studies course in the Lower Sixth which covers arts, science and social science subjects; a form period with tutors; and Physical Education. Furthermore, the school offers a range of societies designed to encourage free-thinking and to stretch intellectual ambitious students.

The Sixth Form Centre, completed in 2001, is the hub of student life in the Lower and Upper Sixth. This innovative Centre provides a unique environment for study, as well as resources for higher education, ICT and relaxation. Sixth Form students take on extra responsibilities in clubs, societies and as prefects, and act as role models for younger pupils. Each Sixth Form student belongs to a tutor group of around 10 students. Form tutors look after their students' social and academic welfare, and advise on matters of higher education and careers.


The Head of Sixth Form is Mr Julian Reed-Purvis, assisted by Mrs Hermoine Baines.

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