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National success

Since the school went fully co-educational in 1999, netball has been the main sport for girls. We started by only just making a team out of three age groups merged together and now have between ten and twelve teams playing every weekend. The teams’ successes include reaching the National Finals at Under 14 and Under 16 level.

The girls play netball during curricular PE and Games lessons, as well as extra-curricular, playing in the local Bradford Leagues and Saturday block fixtures against other independent schools. We have a training afternoon on Wednesdays and at least one lunchtime practice per age group every week. Every age group has a B team, who also play competitively.

Every year, there is a junior tour to a UK destination for First to Fourth Forms, A & B teams. Biennially, we run a senior netball tour overseas. So far, we have travelled to South Africa, St Lucia and New Zealand. The Netball Parents’ Association does a huge amount of fundraising, including the well established Christmas Fair and Fashion Show, with the proceeds going towards the overseas tour. For more information on events or any netball issue, please contact Caroline Taylor, Director of Netball and Head of Girls’ Games, on


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