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All mathematics classes in the Third Form and above are taught in sets in order to reduce the range of ability in each teaching group and to take account of the background of each pupil. All sets cover the same syllabus topics but depth, pace and coverage of enrichment material may vary depending on the nature of the group and the judgement of the teacher. Top sets in the Fifth Form cover a significant amount of extra material including some AS level topics. They enter for IGCSE at the end of the year.

Usually a set will have the same teacher for the two years leading to GCSE. Sixth Form sets are taught by more than one teacher but in many cases the same teachers take a set for the two years of A level.

As well as the standard A level courses of mathematics and further mathematics, pupils are offered the opportunity to study for further maths AS level in the Upper Sixth without impinging on their timetabled subjects. This extra qualification is viewed most favourably if students apply for science based courses at university, and many pupils take advantage of the opportunity each year.

Pupils of all ages and abilities are encouraged to enter the national Mathematical Challenges which take place once a year. Many have done so in recent years and large numbers have achieved prize certificates. Several Bradford Grammar School pupils have also done well in the national follow-up rounds. The school also regularly hosts the regional finals of the Mathematics Team Challenge.