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Tribute to Sir Ken Morrison

“It is with great sadness that we learnt today about the death of Sir Ken Morrison, former...

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Former Pupil Events Calendar

  • 22 FEB 2017

    Bradford Grammar School in WW1: Bryan Stancomb Join us to remember Old Bradfordian, Bryan Mortimer Stancomb. Remembrance... More Details

  • 25 FEB 2017

    Bradford Grammar School in WW1: Jasper Snowdon Bradford Grammar School, Keighley Rd Bradford, West Yorkshire BD9 4JP... More Details

Find and join an Old Bradfordians group

Whether you are still in Yorkshire, you have recently moved to a new area or you would like to reconnect with old classmates, there are Old Bradfordians groups all over the world who would be delighted to offer a warm Yorkshire welcome.


Brian Cousins

New York
Len Audaer

West of the Mississippi
Russell Taylor

East of the Mississippi
Dave Huggins

James Williams

Hong Kong
Jon Veitch

David Hug


James Williams

Oxford and Cambridge
Dominic Crossley

Kent (Cross Country)
Andrew Seal

Ken Wootton (OBA President)

Join a group

If you would like to join one of the above groups, please get in touch with the main contact to find out when their next get-together is. If you would like to know if there are any Old Bradfordians in your neck of the woods, get in touch with Louise Allen at BGS at

Start your own group

We are delighted to assist those of you who would like to start your own OB group and there are a number of ways that we can support you, including contacting local people via our database. Please contact Louise for more information.

Missing groups?

Many Bradford Grammar School former pupils get together and hold reunions of their own.  If you are aware of any additions to the groups that are listed above, please contact us and we will add them.