NEW Junior and Senior and Sixth Form ‘Hoc Age’ magazines now online

6th April 2017

“We are extremely pleased to introduce to you our wonderful team of Junior Journalists. They are passionate about writing and they have worked enthusiastically and imaginatively alongside Miss Marsden to provide a true picture of the exciting things our pupils are involved in – ranging from trips and visits to fantastic fundraising activities.

What better way to find out about the wonderful opportunities and events happening at Clock House than through the voices and words of our very own pupils?”

Kerry Howes, Junior Head

The first ever Spring Hoc Age: Junior magazine, completely written by our very own Junior Journalists includes articles on trips, lunctime activity reviews, other news and an introduction to our public online happiness resource.

We hope you like it!

“These pages provide another taste of the vibrant life that characterises Bradford Grammar School. In uncertain times such as ours, the importance of education should be lost on no one. Hoc Age!”

Simon Hinchliffe, Senior Head

Our Spring Hoc Age: Senior and Sixth Form magazine is also available to view online. The magazine features news from across the school including BGS ‘Challenges’ ‘the Arts’ ‘Community’ and ‘Life’ with an added supplementary introduction to our public online happiness resource.