Manningham regeneration: Question time

12th May 2017

By Sally Bertrand (Year 12)

In Year 12 Geography we have recently been studying two contrasting places in the context of regeneration for which we needed to gather primary and secondary evidence. In order to get our primary data, during one of our Thursday personal development sessions in March, the AS Level geographers gathered in the Library to hold a Q&A session with various key players of the local Manningham community.

We were able to ask Terry Henry (leader of Bradford Family Church), Abdul Jabar (Councillor for the Great Horton Ward), Arshad Mahmood (Manningham Ward Officer) and Mahmood Mohammed (Assistant Area Coordinator for Bradford North) their opinions on the regeneration and redevelopment going on in Manningham.

Firstly we spoke about characteristics of Manningham and its community. Here we learnt that within the area there were 5000 listed buildings (including BGS) which highlights the importance to preserve the architecture that Mr Jabar felt was a central aspect to Manningham and also leant that there were many opportunities for the diverse population to participate in local volunteering schemes – including the ‘PeopleCan’ litter picking scheme run by the church.

However, Mr Mahmood told us that, despite 70 to 80 years ago Manningham being a desirable place to live, people are now more ashamed to associate themselves with the area. To combat this Manningham council is loking to rebrand the area by bringing in more teachers and provinding incentives for businesses in the Carlisle Business Centre, which they hope will rejuvenate the area and give Manningham the economically flourishing image it once had.

Overall, the session gave us a very informative insight into regeneration within Manningham. The variety on the panel meant that we could hear a range of views from people who play different (but vital) roles in the community; this meant we were able to gather first-hand, expert evidence which will be useful for us in our exam.